Why Now?

For too long, Australians living with mental ill health have been neglected by successive governments. The situation is dire. We need to act now to solve this crisis.

Around half of all Australians will suffer some form of mental ill health during their lifetime. Less than half of these people will access treatment.

Every day, seven Australians take their own lives. 200 attempt to. That’s more than 2,500 people lost to suicide every year.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15 – 44. 

Mental ill health strikes in the prime productive years of life, taking Australians out of work and eroding our economic health.

Recovery from, or living productively with, mental ill health is possible. Australians should have the hope of recovery, and this comes with first class mental health care.

Why is this important? 

Despite accounting for 13% of the total burden of disease in Australia, currently, only 7% of government health expenditure is dedicated to mental health.

We deserve the same level of care for our mental health as our physical health.

Currently, just $10 billion is contributed to mental health care annually, yet mental health is costing Australia $40 billion every year. 

Currently, all investment into mental health care is made with no agreed or consistent national measures of whether this is effectively spent. 

Despite multiple national inquiries into Australia’s mental health care system, action has been inadequate and there has been no reduction in the suicide rate in over two decades. 

Successive governments have failed to give the required attention and funding to mental health care, despite the need for action and the Australian public’s concern.

As a nation, we have real solutions for mental health, but they remain sorely underfunded and inaccessible to most people. Australians for Mental Health wants to end this madness.

Why we need you  

Help us end the disconnect between Australians caring about mental health, and Australian governments acting on mental health.

As a united and powerful voice, we can save lives and ensure the millions of Australians living with mental ill health can lead productive and fulfilling lives.

We’re calling on all Australians who have been impacted – directly or indirectly – by mental ill health, to come together and call for government to take mental health seriously.

Now is the time for all Australians to lend their voices, share their stories and advocate for change by joining the Australians for Mental Health movement.




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