Our Vision

Australians for Mental Health wants adequate attention and funding attributed to mental health care. 

The campaign is advocating for complete mental health system reform, which includes ensuring:

1. Equality between mental healthcare and physical healthcare

Australians will receive the same level of care for our mental health as we do for our physical health

2. Increased access to services 

Australians will be able to access appropriate mental healthcare when needed irrespective of where they live and how much they earn. 

3. Better quality, smarter mental healthcare

Health services will provide higher quality, recovery-oriented mental healthcare. 

4. Rights and humanity respected in care

The rights, humanity and dignity of Australians experiencing mental ill health will be respected, and the care they receive will do them no harm. 

5. Expanded prevention and early intervention

Prevention and early intervention measures will be expanded to reduce the incidence of mental ill health and maximising recovery rates. 

6. Contributing, rewarding and included lives 

Australians who experience mental ill health will live rewarding lives, free of stigma, and participate in society as valued members of it. 




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