Who is behind the campaign?

Australians for Mental Health is driven by a group of people with lived experience of mental ill health, including those that have personally lived with mental ill health, or have cared/are caring for someone with mental ill health, or who have lost someone to suicide. They personally know too well the need for systemic change, and have powerful voices to drive this community movement. 

Australians for Mental Health is an Incorporated Association registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria.  

Additionally, a growing group of mental health related organisations have pledged their full support for the campaign, and we will work closely with these organisations to inform and build the movement. 

See the Campaign Supporters here

Australians for Mental Health has received financial support and backing from generous philanthropists, organisations and companies. Thier support is vital to fund this movement. 

See the Campaign Funders here


But ultimately, Australians for Mental Health is a campaign about YOU. Every Australian is impacted by mental ill health - we all share the burden of a mental health care system in crisis. 

Lend your voice, share your story, and join the movement.



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