Australians for Mental Health wants you to Share Your Story

Throughout the month of January, Australians for Mental Health is launching Share Your Story to encourage Australians to share their personal experiences of mental ill health and the mental health care system.

If you have been impacted – directly or indirectly – by mental ill health and are willing to share your story, please join our movement and let us unite your voice with the millions of other Australians affected.

Through the sharing of personal experiences we hope to empower everyday Australians to talk about mental health and diminish stigma. We want to shine a light on what the experience of our mental health care system is really like for those being treated, their carers, families, friends and community members.

We are encouraging those who are willing and comfortable with sharing their experiences, to head to our website and submit their story via our Share Your Story function at

The stories of Australians who have been impacted in some way by mental ill health will play a crucial role in the Australians for Mental Health campaign, as we start ramping up our efforts to get mental health on the agenda ahead of this year’s federal election.

To kick off the process of telling these stories, throughout January, the AFMH team will be making contact with some of you to share a few stories a week via our digital and social media platforms. All stories will be read and considered by the AFMH team, and will play a role in the rollout of the campaign.

Currently, mental health is allocated seven per cent of the government’s health expenditure, despite mental ill health accounting for 13 per cent of Australia’s total disease burden.

By capturing the voices of everyday Australians, AFMH hopes to empower the public to compel political parties to make mental health a priority, and address the chronic shortage of funding and services.

By sharing your story this month, you can show your support for those impacted by mental ill health, and strengthen the AFMH movement.

No stories will be shared before direct contact is made with individuals and their permission granted.

Please note Australians for Mental Health is not a mental health treatment provider and this website is not monitored around the clock. If you require assistance or need to talk to someone, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.



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