Australians for Mental Health is a new national campaign that, ahead of the next Federal election, will empower Australians to compel all politicians and political parties to make mental ill health a key election issue, to address the lack (and ineffectiveness) of current attention and funding, and deliver on commitments. 

Australians for Mental Health exists to:

  • Improve mental healthcare in Australia.

  • Educate the Australian community about mental healthcare - including people with lived experience of mental illness, their families and carers; across all ages of the lifespan; from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds; those living in metropolitan as well as rural and regional areas; of all faiths and no faiths; inclusive of al sexualities and gender identities, and individuals living with disabilities.    

  • Promote fair, equitable and effective mental healthcare in Australia.

  • Unite and give voice to the Australian community around the purpose of improving mental healthcare. 

All Australians are encouraged to join the AFMH movement - to lend their voices and share their stories, initiate and participate in local and national campaign activity, to help ensure that we get the reform we need.   



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